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Lifestyles 55+ Plus | June 25, 2019

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Helping Your Home Value

Helping Your Home Value

Infographic by Renovation Kingdom 

Selling a house is no easy task, but there are some simple things you can do to add value to your property now and reap the bene ts if you ever decide to sell down the road. Here are seven fairly inexpensive improvements you can make to increase your home value today. 

1 PAINT: A fresh layer of pain can work wonders for a home the needs sprucing up, and at bout $25 per gallon, there should be plenty of funds left over for rollers, drop sheets and there paint supplies to protect the house from splashes. Be sure to choose neutral colors, as they appeal most to po- tential buyers.

2 GOING GREEN: A great selling point for environmentally conscience buyers is energy e ciency. Consider installing a solar water heater, energy-e cient light xtures, bamboo wood ooring or even a whole house fan to conserve energy and money.

3. CURB APPEAL: It might seem obvious, but the rst impression people get from your home is the view from the front.
A beautiful lawn, shady trees, and a grand entrance make a good first impression. Even small improvements like planting drought-resistant shrubs, replacing an unimpressive doorknob or planting sod in patches in your lawn can make a big difference.

4. KITCHEN: Many Realtors agree that if there’s only one room you can afford to improve on, your kitchen is the No.1 place to add value to your home. As a central gathering point for many, the kitchen should be open, attractive and party friendly. Investing in new, matching appliances is a great way to improve aesthetics, but a smaller investment could be replacing old-fashioned wallpaper, adding granite countertops or staining cabinet faces.

5 BATHROOM: The second most important room in the house to improve upon is the bathroom. Replacing cracked or grungy tiles, grout and faucets can go a long way.

6 ROOMY ROOMS: It’s important to maximize the space in each room of your house, making them look bigger and brighter. Do this by adding plenty of lighting options, replacing heavy draperies with vertical blinds and decorating with a large mirror.

7 STORAGE SPACE: A huge selling point for potential buyers is storage space. Make a good impression by keeping closets clean and organized for showing, or even have a closet installed in a den area so it can be considered and extra bedroom.


Infographic by Renovation Kingdom 

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